Annie Vo x July 21-28, 2014

- This is the recap and highlight of this week.

- Spent the whole 2 Monday and Tuesday to study Spanish, clean my room, wash and do the laundry.

- Went out for sushi with Hang and Mary on Wednesday to celebrate Mary’s birthday, even though her birthday was 2 weeks ago. Gave Mary her presents, so glad she liked it. It was really nice to went out and talked to those two girls :)

- Went to the airport to pick up my parents and my brother at the airport Thursday afternoon. My family finally reunited. Yay! I was really happy to see them, but also sad at the same time, cuz I noticed my parents got a little older.

- Chilled at home with my family all Friday morning. Then my sisters, my mom, and I went to Valley Fair mall. Mom got me a new facial cream that I was really want. Yay!!

- Went to auntie Nam’s house Saturday morning. We ate crab vermicelli soup (bún riêu) together. Then mom and auntie talked, they talked about everything in life lol, while dad and uncle Nam drank beer and chilled out. Then we went to uncle Tu’s house to visit him and have dinner. After dinner, the adults talked again haha. Mom and dad told uncles and aunties about Canada, and other relatives in Canada. While the adults talked and chilled, Chi showed me how to curl my hair, then we played jenga and head-up as well. Chi was really friendly, not that stony-hearted like what we used to think. We went back and stayed in auntie Nam’s house that night.

- Went back home Sunday morning. My family and auntie Nhan’s family went to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy. It was so hot, but it was really worth it. The food there were ridiculously delicious. My favorites were the garlic fries and the fresh smoothie. Didn’t get a chance to try the garlic ice-cream though. Then we went to Gilroy Outlet, i didn’t buy anything for me, but everyone else in my family bought a whole bunch of stuffs. Oh I bought a Tommy Hilfiger shirt for my best friend, Hieu. Hope he will love it :)

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